Anatomy of a Voiceover Scam

Lately, it seems that people who are convinced that doing voiceovers from home is a quick and easy way to make big money aren’t the only ones who are discovering our fabulous little industry. Scammers want in too. By all reports, they’ve been hitting the VO community pretty hard over the past few months, so I’m guessing […]

My Dad. Renaissance Man. An Invitation.

A guest post today. From my brother, about our father, for a great cause. My dad was a lot of things. High school basketball center. Air Force navigator. Civil rights leader. Developer. Entrepreneur. Musician. Community advocate. Superhero. And of course, husband, brother, son, and father. A true Renaissance man. As Jeremy Mikolajczak, executive director and […]

Registration Opens for Faff Camp II

  Yeah, the campfire might be fake, but rest assured that Faff Camp is the real deal! While you’ve probably heard of FaffCon, the Voiceover Un-Conference, there’s a chance that you may not know about Faff Camp. Both events are put together by the same impressive group of organizers, and both have gotten nothing but […]

The Voiceover Talent Manifesto©

Success Breeds Solitude   Over the last few years, being a professional voiceover talent has become more and more isolating. And in most cases, the more successful you become, the less time you spend around like-minded people. This can be difficult for just about anyone, but maybe more so for creative, artist-types. We tend to […]

The Best SEO for Voiceover Talent

It’s the modern-day version of a treasure hunt; the quest to get your website to the top of the first page of Google’s search results, in hopes of finding more voiceover work. Trouble is, there’s no map with an X scrawled on it. Never has been. Even though there are tons of strategies, theories, and […]

Highlights from The Voiceover Talent Ebook: Harlan Hogan

  Harlan Hogan: “Focusing on your performance misses the point of voice work…what’s important is how you can make a listener feel.” What do you love about your job? What job? I had lots of jobs and they sucked almost as badly as I did at them. THIS is no job – it’s a love […]

Welcome Changes at

Visionaries are hard to find in any industry. In the world of voiceover, they seem to be few and far between. Case in point: The first studios where I was hired to work had stacks of 5″ reel-to-reel tapes that served as voiceover demos. Those quickly gave way to cassettes, then CDs, and now online […]

Professional Voice Talent, You Are Missing Out

  A little more than three weeks from now, professional voiceover talent from all over the country will spend a weekend together in Charlotte, NC at the first-ever Faff Camp conference. Faff Camp is a bit like the wildly successful FaffCon series of events, only with a bit more structure. The days following the event […]

Voiceover Talent : Ultimate Business Resources

These days, “Voiceovers” is big business…from a number of perspectives. With the technological barriers to entering the field disappearing day by day, more people than ever before are trying their hand at it. So while there are thousands of newly-minted talent looking to drum up some business for themselves, there are also scores of people […]

Professional Voiceover Talent: Scared of Newcomers?

It’s becoming a common refrain in all sorts of creative endeavors: some established, experienced talent are complaining about the vast numbers of newcomers to their field. I’ve heard it from web designers, graphic designers, copy writers, and yes, voiceover talent. In a recent blog post titled True Professionals Don’t Fear Amateurs, entrepreneur, marketer and author Seth […]

Voiceover Lesson from Dodger Great Vin Scully

Many voiceover talent say that experience is the greatest teacher at the microphone. If that’s true, then there are few better to learn from than Vin Scully. Having spent more than 60 years behind the mic, the L.A. Dodgers broadcaster has called everything from Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series, to Hank Aaron’s 715th […]

Highlights from The Voiceover Talent Ebook: Richard Horvitz

  Richard Horvitz: “We never start with the voice; it always starts with the acting.” Recently, the fabulously talented voiceover actor and voiceover coach Richard Horvitz was generous enough to answer some questions as part of an ebook project I was putting together. Below are some highlights from Richard’s responses. To read the rest of […]

Is Branding Important for Voiceover Talent?

Is branding important for voice over talent? Well, it depends. That’s an unsatisfying answer, I know, but it’s true. It really depends on what your voiceover goals are and what your target market is. The easy answer is, “Yes, of course it is.” And since I’m a big fan of good branding (and geeky enough […]

Highlights from The Voiceover Talent Ebook: Steve Mackall

Steve Mackall: “Unabashedly be yourself in the auditioning process. There’s only one you.” Recently, the fabulously talented Steve Mackall was generous enough to answer some questions as part of an ebook project I was putting together. Below are some highlights from Steve’s responses. To read the rest of Steve’s answers, and for insights from nearly […]

Learn from the “Voices of Experience” (The Voiceover Talent Ebook)

  There is no single, predictable path to a voiceover career. And there is no way to absolutely guarantee that your voiceover career will be a successful one. Sure, we all hope that we’ll build a long, sustainable career, filled with great financial reward and loads of personal satisfaction. And there are plenty of people […]

Alesis StudioDock

Alesis StudioDock – Front

One of the major criticisms of Apple’s iPad has been that it’s a consumption device,

and not a creation device. In terms of audio, that’s all about to change. The biggest

challenge has been finding a way to get your audio (whether from a microphone, a guitar,

a keyboard or MIDI device) into the iPad. In Spring of this year, Alesis will debut its

StudioDock, which will give voiceover talent lots of input options. A quick look at the back

of the StudioDock tells most of the story:

The Magic of FaffCon

I get it. FaffCon’s unorthodox nature can be difficult to understand. Its brilliance isn’t immediately obvious. In fact, the whole concept of an UNconference runs counter to convention. (And counter to conventions, for that matter.) Like so many things, an UNconference like FaffCon is much easier to understand once you’ve experienced one. If you were at FaffCon 1 you can stop reading now, and I know that I’ll see you at FaffCon 2 in February because you get it, too. If you weren’t there, let me try to help you imagine the experience.

Voice Over Mastermind Groups (pt. 2)

Part 1 of this post gave you some background regarding voice over Mastermind Groups and how they can be helpful for voiceover talent. Now we’ll get down to the nuts and bolts:


How many members will your group have? Four to eight seems to be the most common size. With too many members, meetings take too long. And with too few members, the resources just aren’t there.

When, where, and how often will meetings be held? How long will your group work together?

Voice Over Mastermind Groups (pt. 1)

As I write this, a soft breeze is rustling the palm fronds, and a small pod of dolphins repeatedly breaks the surface of Blackwater Sound with their dorsal fins. The solitude of this beautiful spot on the bay side of Key Largo has become a favorite weekend escape for my family and me.

At the end of a week filled with the realities of daily life ¬– bills, taxes, car repairs, chaperoning the kid’s field trip and trouble-shooting the hum in my left studio monitor – sitting on this dock, watching the day go by and reeling in the occasional mangrove snapper is just what I need to prepare for the week ahead.

Solitude can be good. Solitude can be great. But when it comes to a business that involves as much networking as voiceovers, solitude can be very isolating.