Anatomy of a Voiceover Scam

Lately, it seems that people who are convinced that doing voiceovers from home is a quick and easy way to make big money aren’t the only ones who are discovering our fabulous little industry. Scammers want in too. By all reports, they’ve been hitting the VO community pretty hard over the past few months, so I’m guessing […]

The Best SEO for Voiceover Talent

It’s the modern-day version of a treasure hunt; the quest to get your website to the top of the first page of Google’s search results, in hopes of finding more voiceover work. Trouble is, there’s no map with an X scrawled on it. Never has been. Even though there are tons of strategies, theories, and […]

Highlights from The Voiceover Talent Ebook: Harlan Hogan

  Harlan Hogan: “Focusing on your performance misses the point of voice work…what’s important is how you can make a listener feel.” What do you love about your job? What job? I had lots of jobs and they sucked almost as badly as I did at them. THIS is no job – it’s a love […]

Highlights from The Voiceover Talent Ebook: Steve Mackall

Steve Mackall: “Unabashedly be yourself in the auditioning process. There’s only one you.” Recently, the fabulously talented Steve Mackall was generous enough to answer some questions as part of an ebook project I was putting together. Below are some highlights from Steve’s responses. To read the rest of Steve’s answers, and for insights from nearly […]